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"Emerging" glows with the joy of celebration and the warmth of true friendship. This piece was born immediately after my first solo exhibiton, and all of the encourgement and love I received the night of the grand opening was channeled into it's many layers. As you view it in your home, I hope it will take on newer, and deeper meanings than I could ever express to you. There are hidden messages within the piece that I hope you will uncover and allow them to speak to your deepest soul. This piece was the first piece that inspired this whole new collection of artwork!


Created with layers of collage, acrylic paint, and oil pastels, this is a unique, textured painting. Some of the collage paper used in this painting was hand-printed using the gelli print method.


Size: 24x30x2

Acrylic, collage, and mixed media on canvas


Disclaimer: photos of artwork displayed on a wall are mock-ups only and may not accurately reflect the size of the artwork.


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