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My artwork focuses on the vibrant side of life. This is not to ignore reality, but to encourage a carefree spirit in the middle of the darkness. My goal is to advocate for the outcast, the stigmatized, and the hopeless in our current era. I want my work to bring the radiance of hope to a world filled with dark secrets.

Visual Artist



Piano Instructor

Psychology Major


Art Therapist in Training

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Ever since grade school art classes, I've fallen in love with painting. For me, artwork is a healthy way to express myself. I love vibrant colors and bold texture, but I also see elegant beauty in subtle, muted color. My artwork is an adventure...constantly exploring new techniques, color palettes, subjects, and mediums

Wildflower Whispers Studio was born at the beginning of 2019. It had been simply a dream for so many years. Now, it is becoming reality. I am currently in college studying for a Bachelors in Psychology. My goal is to become a licensed clinical counselor and art therapist.

What does WWS have to offer?

Products: Original Artwork, Prints, Note cards

Services: Painting parties, individual painting classes, custom-painted Bibles, custom paintings, and Art As Therapy

If you would like to know more, or just want to chat, please reach out to me via the contact page, or my Instagram account. Love you! Thank you for supporting my purpose in life.

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