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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Do you need a safe space to express your heart and soul through creativity!

My mountain-top studio is the perfect place to let go of life's stress and allow space for healing to take place.
As a psychology major, professional artist, and simply through my life's experiences, I have learned that mental and emotional health are critically important. Creating art is a beautiful tool for expressing emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Sometimes words don't come easily, or we feel like there are no words to express our pain. This is where art as therapy can be so valuable! Art is a language of the soul.
I am not a therapist. I am not a counselor. Although I am working toward those credentials, my heart longs to reach out to you now, in this process, as I'm learning and growing.
And so, I am opening my studio space to you. Come as you are. Be authentic. Be real.
You are welcome to use my art supplies. Or if you want to bring your own, and simply use this space, that is great as well.
Because I want this to be available for anyone who needs it right now, Art As Therapy will be on a donation basis.
Location: McConnellsburg, PA

Sheila--AKA Wildflower

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