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Size: 12x16Ink, model magic, acrylic, and resin on cradled wood panel.This piece is the very first in this series, and is very dear to my heart.


            In ancient times, mourners used small bottles to literally collect their tears for the loss of a loved one. Psalm 56:8 mentions this practice “…put my tears in your bottle…” I imagine that God holds a tear bottle filled with the salty tears of His beloved, not as though He is glad to see us suffer, but because He cries with us.

            This new collection is a visualization of how the tears God undoubtedly sees and understands are stored in His tear bottle, just waiting for the time when beauty will overcome pain. I say, “undoubtedly,” not because I have arrived at complete trust in the goodness of God, but because that is what God says about Himself. This is the journey I’m on, seeking truth. Like a detective, I hope to discover enough “clues” about God that I can fully rest in Him.

            Thank you for joining me. My desire is that you and I both would find hope, even in the most painful times. I hope you enjoy the “Teardrops in a Bottle” Collection.



You Keep My Tears